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I have been playing percussion instruments for decades now. While in high school my percussion teacher exposed me to the steel drum which was part of the local university’s collection of world percussion instruments. University steel bands were rare at that time. Needless to say, the sound captivated and fascinated me. Handmade steel drums were difficult to acquire so playing them would come later. I received a BME from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, (now the University of Louisiana) and a MM in percussion performance from the University of Southern Mississippi. While at USL I studied the classical percussion instruments; marimba, snare drum, and timpani, as well as extensive rudimental study with the Phantom Regiment drum and bugle corps. My classical study lent itself well to self study on the steel drum. In my fourth year of college I bought a steel drum and taught my self how to play lead pan. I have played solo or with a group ever since, for over twenty five years. My classical playing is also in demand with local orchestras, small chamber groups, and chorus ensembles. I also give private instruction in percussion, have arranged percussion music professionally, guest lecture at UL, and adjudicate/clinic area high school and middle school percussion programs.

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