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Set-Up and my Steel Drums 

Ray’s setup is compact and can fit into most any space provided. He uses a sleek Bose L1 tower and so the sound quality is never sacrificed at low or high volume levels. It’s always crisp, clean, with well balanced bass and treble mixes. Professional stage lighting can be provided as well. This is an extra plus visually for your guests at night or indoors, that creates instant ambiance.

Steel drums originally were developed on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Ellie Mannette is known as the “father” of steel pan making and his earliest work was done in the 1940’s. After years of experimenting and research, Ellie developed pans that were unmatched in tonal quality and timbre. I use Mannette signature series double seconds, as well as an Alan Coyle oversized C lead. Alan Coyle apprenticed with Mannette for years and has his own company now. (Coyle Drums) Alan has taken the steel drum into the twenty first century. His attention to detail and commitment to the highest quality of sound, while giving the player the flexibility to express his musical needs on a drum, makes him the top designer of steel drums in the United States.

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